Magnetic Knife Holder

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This magnetic knife holder is made out of spalted maple wood. Each knife holder is 18” long by roughly 3.5-4” wide. It is jam-packed with 18 Rare Earth Metal Neodymium Magnets.

There are two ways to stall this on your wall… 1) 3M double sided tape (provided). This is best for smooth surfaces such as glass and ceramic tile.  2) keyhole hangers (also provided) which you will need to install on the backside of the knife holder.

The knife holder will come with instructions on how to install it using either method. It will also come with a paper template

There are no dyes or stains used on this product. It is finished with polyurethane.

When taking a knife OFF of the knife holder, turn it sideways (dull side of knife facing the wood and lift off). Do NOT try to take it off while it is flat on the surface! The reason for pivoting the sharp side of the knife away from the wood is to protect the wood when pulling it off.