Holiday Season Pattern Weights

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LIMITED TIME.  These are SOOOO cute!!.... and heavy... for real. 

1 Item = 1 Pattern weight. These are not sold as sets. All colors and patterns may vary. 
Tree = 3.8 oz.
Reindeer = 4.9 oz.
Gingerbread = 5.9 oz.
Snowflake = 6.5 oz.
Stocking = 6.7 oz.
Santa = 8.2 oz.

What the heck are they?? These are created from resin, mica powders, and are WEIGHTED with METAL in the middle. These are no joke!!

What are pattern weights? I had to learn myself! This was suggested to me by a sewist, and I really liked the idea so I ran with it. These small but mighty weights are used for:
-holding patterns in place while you cut fabric
-holding down fabric that may have wrinkles
-keeping things in place on your table (fabric that likes to fall off the back of the table while you have measure/cut
-holding rolls of vinyl/etc. open
…. I’m sure there’s more!